Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, ALL trainings will be conducted remotely upon request.

Please contact  to schedule a training.

CSIS Basic Skills


 All attendees must sign and return their user confidentiality agreement and training request form for each employee attending prior to this training.

The training will cover topics from CSIS Security, Data Entry, Client Participation and Client Tracking (Including Entry/Exit, Shelter, Services, and Referrals).  Following the training, a round table discussion will be held for any who have additional questions or need individualized assistance in the area of basic skills, data entry, and client tracking.

Basic Skills is held bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 9:00am-2:00pm.

Per CSIS policy, project-specific EDA's will not be granted until project-specific training is completed. Project-specific trainings are held either immediately after Basic Skills or the following Friday depending on availability.


After registering for Basic Skills, please contact  Lauren Davis at, to identify the necessary EDAs and set up additional trainings for access to these projects.

Access Point Training

Access Point trainings will be held upon request. This training will cover the basics of diversion from the system, access point intake, and conducting a VI-SPDAT.

Suncoast Partnership staff may request individuals to complete this course as a fresher at anytime.

Please submit your Training Request Form to to attend this training.

ServicePoint Demo/Training Website

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CSIS Training Materials & Documents

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