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Making Permanent and Accessible Housing Possible


Suncoast Housing Collaborative


The Suncoast Housing Collaborative (SHC) is a partnership between support service providers, property owners, and community members in Sarasota and Manatee counties dedicated to ensuring that permanent and accessible housing is available to all of our neighbors.

The SHC connects individuals and families experiencing homelessness to private market units that offer flexible screening criteria in exchange for benefits designed to mitigate risk for the property owner.

Many individuals and families experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness face barriers when trying to access permanent housing. Common barriers include previous evictions, low income, and criminal history. These barriers restrict the already small pool of available, affordable rental options in Manatee and Sarasota counties and limit the use of housing subsidies.

Property owners can help lower these existing barriers through modified tenant screening criteria which will significantly increase the stock of available options for people seeking permanent and affordable homes. As part of the SHC, landlord members gain access to various benefits designed to support tenants and mitigate risk.


Please see our Suncoast Housing Collaborative website for more information

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